It’s really sad I know, but I’d just like a glass of water

Funny.  Tonight was the first time I drank water all night long, for a very long time indeed – maybe 20 years in fact when it was my regular tipple at any party.  It reminded me of those days. In fact the night itself; Medium Rare, where Tatler meets nostalgia meets quality variety, took me back to the 80s. 

Looking around me at dinner I saw my peer group, as beautiful and vibrant as they ever were, having fun.  It made a change from meeting them with their kids or just never meeting them because they have kids. Nothing much had changed; after dinner and naked flesh there was some smoking, a bit  of carousing and then the party moved on to dancing.  The tunes brought the house down – from The Stones to Chic to The Coasters – in the hottest sweatiest venue in London. 

I made friends with a blonde girl called Helga who did a great line in special dancing.  ‘I love this tune Helga’, ‘yeah, it’s so fun’ she shouted and then trounced off mid conversation/dance move.  Half an hour later we chatted again, this time whilst Helga pointed at the ceiling with her Mac buttoned up to the neck (in 90 degree heat) ‘this is so, like, funny’.  I was opening my mouth to reply but she pirouetted off again. 

I looked around me at all the parents who’d left their kids with the babysitter, sipped my water and thought, nothing really changes – except for one thing – now they too choose to drink my drink. There’s no need to make excuses folks, you’re going to feel great in the morning.


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