The warmth of the sun

Today, longing to enjoy the 30 degree heat, I headed out at lunchtime to a small park nearby to soak up the rays. I sauntered down the street in blazing sunshine, for indeed even in London the sun has this effect – people no longer march, they saunter or stroll, some positively sway      with the effect of the heat. 

As I approached the sandwich shop, a builder descended the ladder outside, and said ‘gorgeous, Love, isn’t it?’ with a big grin.  I smiled back at him, bought a salad and headed to the park. 

Imagine my horror to find this cute park covered in scaffolding and, in the shade.

Undeterred, I carried on and rounded the corner to a little street where I spied the most lovely pale blue chairs outside what looked like a gallery, in full sunshine.  Unable to resist, I ventured inside, whereupon five heads swivelled around to survey me.  I burst out laughing – ‘I was wondering if you’d be so kind as to let me sit on one of your chairs outside’, they smiled and a sweet lady said ‘of course, would you like a table as well?’  I admired the art works they were hanging, while she carried a table out and we put it up together.  ‘I’ve never seen this gallery before, have you been here long?’ I asked, ‘Oh, only since 1987’ she replied with a chuckle. 

As I left, thanking them, they invited me to their opening tomorrow night – which delighted me. Where would we be without the heat of the sun and the warmth it evokes?


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