The Queen at Chelsea

Didn’t the Queen look radiant yesterday at Chelsea Flower Show?  Copyright prevents me from posting a photo of her here (instead you have a picture of that most sumptuous May flower – the Peony) – but she was wearing a beautiful multicoloured pastel suit and beaming away at all and sundry.  Gosh, she’s amazing.  And today she’s got the State Opening of Parliament! A hectic schedule for the most seasoned superstar, but then she is in a different league.    

I love Chelsea Flower Show.  I’ve only been once, when it was impossible to see anything because the crowds were 8 people deep in front of each of the garden displays.  So, now I watch it on TV and find it sort of comforting and reassuring.  Alan, who is looking very slim these days, presents with aplomb. The whole show feels gentle – just what one needs in the face of economic uncertainty and the hamster wheel we live on.  It’s also one of those things that brings so many people together – like Wimbledon or the World Cup, and because of that gives many more of us an opportunity to have a conversation with someone we may never usually speak to.

I wonder what I’d say to the Queen if I met her?  Maybe I just wouldn’t be able to get the words out; I’d be so nervous.  I’m sure she’d deal with the situation adroitly and say something like: ‘Oh how wonderful you could come today, we think the work you do is simply tremendous’.  And I would stand there, speechless, just basking in her magnificence.


One thought on “The Queen at Chelsea

  1. I have a funny dream every now and then, in which I actually am best friends with Her Majesty, and we sit and chat about telly, the weather, where we’re going on our hols and so on. It’s quite weird. She’s actually a really nice lady. In my dream I mean. I wouldn’t know about in “real life”.
    However, you don’t get to be Queen without being a pretty good egg, I reckon, so she must be all right really.

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