You da man, Stevie, you da man

‘Don’t you worry ‘bout a thing’.  We won’t Stevie, not when you sing to us note perfect and get us all to join in.  Soul begets soul, begets a spiritual experience.

What a man, what a dude. He just said ‘sometimes if I could see I think I would kick a lot of ass’ – as a summation to his anti war in the name of religion ‘speech’.  It’s a while since we heard one of those; bands don’t seem to do it so much now.  But, Stevie’s got the heart, he’s got the guts; his music embodies it and surpasses anything else I’ve heard at Glastonbury this weekend.

OhmiGod!  Now he’s doing a Michael Jackson number on his harmonica.  Gorgeous, even more gorgeous because everyone’s singing along. Such harmony – literally and figuratively speaking. I wish I could be there, especially when he sings Happy Birthday to Michael Eavis and congratulates him on that beautiful thing of bringing people together. 

He asks for us to make the world more accessible for those who are blind, or deaf or in some other way incapacitated.  He gives Michael a harmonica and he talks later about the energy going back and forwards between him and the crowd, and the joy of singing together.

Today was a significant anniversary.  I felt sad as I remembered.  Spending time with family, talking to them through the day and into the evening provided solace and I was grateful, really grateful for it.

As Stevie sang ‘Uptight; everything is alright’ in sublime fashion I thought: You give some love, you feel some soul, you dance a little to Stevie and you shed some tears. Everything is alright, as alright as it can be when you miss someone you loved but have so much in life to be grateful for.

Love you L.


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