Cosmic Disco

‘A, it looks like a model bomb exploded in here tonight – where did you get all these beautiful people from?! Don’t tell me, you chartered a plane and flew them all in from Miami!’ A laughed.  To him this was just a normal night, a night full of his friends and their friends and the inevitable great tunes that get you shaking your booty, courtesy of Cosmic Disco.

Any radio station that plays ‘If you wanna ride, don’t ride the white horse’ five times in two hours is onto a winner in my books. It’s pure Eivissa. But there was something even more cosmic about this evening.

As we drank in the atmosphere and checked out our fellow party goers a man came up to me and said ‘hey, lovely to see you again, how are you?’ and we kiss kissed.  I’d never seen him before in my life, but given that he looked like Marcus Schenkenberg (MS), that didn’t seem important.  Then a really cosmic thing happened; as he said his name by way of introduction and I said mine,  he simultaneously turned over his arm to reveal my name tattooed there.

We all got chatting – his friend, his girlfriend then we went inside to get more drinks.  My friend decided she might leave but I said ‘no, wait, isn’t the scenery more attractive here than your four walls at home’?  She had to agree.  But I knew what she was thinking – this isn’t for me, these people are not my people, I’d rather keep it real.  The fact that the two girls standing beside us each had a chiwawa didn’t help matters (oh for the life of the average chiwawa; parties, makeovers,pink baskets to be transported in!).

The chiwawa girls were delightful.  We took them outside and introduced them to MS and at the same time asked him where he was from.  From tattoo to this:  ‘Well, I’m half Swedish, half Thai’.  The chiwawa girls were Swedish too! So, there ensued a delightful connection of fellow countrymen meeting each other in a strange land.  How lovely and unexpected that was for all involved.

More beautiful people arrived,  but the earthy energy of cosmic souls connecting rose to the surface and what appeared initially to be brittle and affected, proved to be the very opposite.  All it took was a willingness to make the connection and not judge the book by its cover.


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