Diego, I take it all back

Or rather, be as high maintenance as you like.  😉

Mr Forlan ignited the World Cup a few weeks ago, and in his final goal against Germany tonight, summed up the majesty and enthusiasm with which Uruguay played in this tournament – to say nothing of their charm.

Germany may have the technique and youth, Holland the effervescence of neon orange, Spain;  fluid confident seamlessness, but Uruguay and Diego encapsulate passion, tenaciousness and a can do attitude.  They show, as a non favourite, just how far you can go with fire in your belly and an attractive man in a headband who won’t take no for an answer.  A lesson to us all.

There is to be a major celebration in Montevideo when the team arrives there on Monday.  If I was there to welcome them with the President, I would crown Diego with a headband made of flowers and throw garlands around his neck.

If he asked me to jump, I’d say ‘How high?’ and I’d be there faster than he could say ‘Man of the Tournament, World Cup 2010’.


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