Friday night

‘Camden Rock, Love?  Is that the old Jazz Cafe….no?  Okay, we’ll find it, don’t worry’. 

‘We’re losing the wind tonight, should be up to 27 again by Sunday.  Any plans for the weekend?  A family picnic? Oh, lovely. I remember when we used to get all the family together, pack a picnic, head to the seaside, find a nice pitch for the day and we’d be all set.  We don’t do that so much anymore with our lot, we might get there alright but now you’re almost better finding somewhere to eat when you arrive – much easier than making it all yourself’.

I walked in to the sounds of Christopher Cross: ‘It is the night, my body’s weak, I’m on the run; no time to sleep…’’I love this tune’ I said to N – first act on the bill.  ‘Never heard it before in my life’ he replied.

N, all pouts and attitude, his hair an elongated Marc Bolan – with a fame headband.  Hidden underneath it all, though, the suggestion of a tendency to charm. Springing up onto the stage, he sang a few notes completely flat and said ‘That’s what happens when you don’t get here in time for the sound check’. I commented on his confident hair and Lloyd Cole like voice.  ‘Wow, thanks for the compliment, that’s really nice coming from a sexy woman like you. I’ve never heard of that bloke though’ he said leaning up against the bar.

I wondered if he was old enough to drink.  ‘Sorry about that false start’ he said to the audience ‘I blame my Mum – she drove me here.  Women drivers…’

‘Check out Lloyd Cole and the Commotions’ I said.  ‘Have you got an iphone?’  ‘Course I haven’t’ he replied – ‘I’m working class and rock ‘n roll, I’ll have to write it down’. 

Mesmerised as I was by the music, the week had taken its toll.  I said my goodbyes and walked out into the Camden night – the location for so many wild nights over the years.  I felt revived by the music and happy that finally this week, I had the time to go home, make something to eat and just be.


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