First day

A bustling group.  We broke for tea, or maybe coffee.  ‘I think there’s one down here’.  In unison we moved there.  Shy smiles, sidelong glances. The spirit of adventure.  Feeling our way.

A steamy cafe, thrown by the rush.  Those cardboard brown cups – ‘Yes, take away’.  Conversations began, interrupted by:  ‘No, no sugar, thanks’, then resumed.  Connections made.  Assumptions cast aside, dispersed again for the umpteenth time.

The queue grew.  We stepped aside.  ‘A herbal tea please, if you have it?’ Two waitresses on a break, rolled their eyes heavenward; such ‘alternative’ demands – for a caff after all!

We headed back to the classroom.  Despite the unfamiliar; a common purpose, a sense of belonging and a thirst for more.  


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