Rocky Road

‘I’m not sure if I should give you these H’ I said as I handed her a tub of Rocky Road Bites. ‘Why?’ ‘Look! The top is loose; it comes off really easily, but the seal hasn’t been broken..’ Bill walked into the room, ‘Oh yeah? They’re probably contaminated:  Anyone could have been in there! I’m not going near them’.  I opened the top and looked inside as did H. ‘Well’ she said, ‘If we die, we all go together’.  Each of us took one and went to sit down together with a cuppa.

It was already 4.30pm and a train journey to Lincolnshire had proved tiring …or had it been the night before – out celebrating a friend’s birthday until 1am?  A bit of a boogie had been had and an interesting conversation with a gentleman who had started chatting to me.

I asked him where he was from. ‘I’m from across the water: A small island to the west of here where the leprechauns dwell’ he replied.  I laughed.  ‘That’s a great word isn’t it – dwell – so unusual and specific’.  ‘Hmmm, I suppose so, unless of course you’re ‘dwelling on’ something, that implies it’s bad – doesn’t it?’ ‘Yes, I guess so.  But if you were ‘dwelling on’ something that was good what would you be doing instead?’ ‘You’d be cogitating, or musing or maybe even ruminating’ he shouted above the boom boom of the thumping bass that was the back drop to our conversation.

Later, I noticed the aforementioned gentleman enveloped in the arms of a voluptuous blonde lady.  I mused on how random life could be. But, I didn’t dwell.

A sumptuous dinner where we all ate and drank heartily with a viewing of This Is It made up a cosy Saturday night with H, Bill and E, and by the time we all got to bed it was late again.

The next day H asked me how I’d slept.  ‘Really well thanks’ I said. ‘Well I didn’t’ said Bill, ‘I woke up with a pain in my chest and lay awake for ages thinking about those damn Rocky Road Bites – how they’d poisoned me’. H and I looked at each other. ‘Let’s put them away then’ she said. ‘Not so fast H’ Ireplied, reaching for one more.


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