Shrove Tuesday


Today I saw a pancake and thought of Club Med.  There, no matter the country, every afternoon at 4pm they boot up the hot plates and make fresh crepes for all. A petit sprinkle of sugar and a squeeze of lemon later – one usually leads to three..

This however was Planet Organic, a top up treat at the end of three hours of yoga, including an hour of Nidra Yoga – translating basically as Yogic sleep.

I approached the demo stand with some interest.  Um they look good I thought and picked up a recipe leaflet:  Buckwheat gluten free flour, soya milk, egg replacement this, organic sugar that..   My eyes glazed over:  ‘I think I’ll stick to my Mum’s recipe’ I said to the smiley chap behind the stove, but I may as well try one of yours while I’m here’.  ‘You can’t beat Mum’s recipe’ he replied, flipping a pancake as he spoke.  ‘Here you go’.  I looked at the plate – a small delicate round thing of beauty in the middle; a few bubbles and lightly browned.  I put a dollop of coconut yogurt with berries in the middle and sat down to eat.

I bit in to a fluffily sponge like warm wrap of deliciousness, the berry filling oozing out, and found myself pleasantly surprised by how delicious it was.

I approached the stand again sheepishly.  ‘Ah ha!’ said the chef.  ‘Well, they are superb’, I said.   ‘A little more crumpet-like I have to say….’  ‘That’s because they have no egg in them:  So Mum’s recipe has a challenger?!’ he responded. ‘Well, I’m making hers later but I think I’ll go get a coffee – before I give it up for Lent – and then I’m back for more’.  ‘I’ll give you one straight out of the pan next time’ he said, beaming.

As I paid for my drink, I ran into a few of my fellow Yogic Sleep classmates.  We giggled.  It appears as much as we enjoyed the deep relaxation afforded by the meditation we all wanted that caffeine hit.  I popped back for my second pancake, hot off the griddle this time, and then sat down again.

In between bites of my seconds, cradling the warm mug,  I savoured the last latte before Easter and thought about balance. Finishing the last drop, I put the slowly cooling cup down and rose to continue my day.


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