On my way to The Stones (X rated)

ImageI wove my way back through the crowds, sustenance in hand and found myself momentarily distracted by some familiar voices…

I headed towards a small stage surrounded by palm trees and came upon that seminal act who alone can make you laugh from the depths of inside, like no one else.

‘Eets good to see you, eets fantastic to be here, on this day of The Stones’ .  ‘I feel so good, I want to share it with you today, I want to let off white jets of foam into the crowd, in fact white ribbons would be better but I would be arrested!’ Miguel Mantovani shouted.  With Kengo San and Archerio either side they made an arresting sight with the sun beating down and the tunes funky.

‘Look at this good looking guy – my son, Kengo – what a good looking Japanese bastard he is’.  The audience practically crying with laughter at this point.  Miguel gravitated towards a mother, father and son group front of stage.  ‘You, you are the mother – no?  You are the father?  And this is the son?  Wow!  He’s a handsome guy.  Where you from?  Look, later tonight your son is going to be pumping and pumping – it’s not too soon for him, eets the right time!’  The parents looked mortified and I couldn’t focus for laughing so hard.

They sang and break danced, some special guests came on and did some more.  But this was Miguel’s day.  He held the crowd in the palm of his hand, the comedy factor was off the scale as befitting a day of such note: ‘Well, many of you know I used to work in the porn industry.  I retired in 1987, I made the last film with Carlos Puccino, but then I started to sing.  Some years ago I came out of retirement and I made ‘Willy Wanking and the Chocolate Factory’ – eets okay for you, eets okay for me, frens!’

A booming noise cut across the park: ‘Oh look – I see the main stage is on again – okay frens – see you later!’

I rushed off, as did many others, keen to secure a place for this most auspicious of events, but with a lightened heart and a huge smile on my face.


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