David and Cathy

2013-09-27 03-1.45.22Heading home around 8.30pm for yet another night in with a bag of spinach in hand to complete dinner and the Larry Sanders show downloaded for watching, I was quite looking forward to my quiet evening.

The phone rang.  ‘S, can you be by the gate in ten minutes?  We’re all going out to dinner at Can Curreu; Patrick’s coming by to pick you up’ said my friend P.  Could I be by the gate: Does the Pope have a balcony?!  ‘You bet I can, at this rate I may as well be at home in London sitting on the sofa watching ‘Keeping up with the Kardasians!’ I replied.

A lightning change into my highest heels and swishy earrings and I was ready for a night out in Ibiza. Patrick and Fifi turned up and we were off and running.

Dinner was a delightful affair; delicate morsels of risotto, Tuna carpaccio and a hunk of fillet beef that saw me asking for a doggy bag to take what I couldn’t manage home.

As we ate dessert, talk turned to going ‘out out’. P disappeared as the discussion heated up.  At one point I felt we might all be ‘going on’ but it was a false alarm.  ‘Here you are’ said P, handing me a card with the owner of the restaurant’s name on.  ‘They don’t think you’ll get in tonight, it’s the closing party of ‘F*** ME I’M FAMOUS! with David Guetta at Pacha’.  He had a twinkle in his eye as he said it.  I looked at him and smiled: ‘You know that’s like a red rag to a bull’ I said.

I went to bed at midnight after a jolly time with my friends and set the alarm for 2.30am. I woke at 2am.  Would I go, would I not go?  I sat on the edge of the bed.  I slipped my shoes on.  I picked up my dress.  I located my earrings. I stood up.

Minutes later it felt like someone else was walking in my 6” heels and down the hill to step into a taxi.  Arriving at Pacha some 20 minutes later, I went to the VIP entrance and flashed my card.  ‘No, you need to go to the other entrance and speak to Maurizio’.  Maurizio waved me through and I suddenly realised where everyone in Ibiza was….. here!!

P1020068I never witnessed such a crowd in this not overly big club before.  I found a spot and stood routed to it.  At 3.30am David appeared with a grin that was totally infectious.  I looked around me, no one could stop smiling.  He brought the house down with accessible tunes, glow sticks, big luminous hands, red hearts and flashing headbands that turned Pacha into a heart warming waving sea of multi coloured neon.

Cathy appeared to stand by her man, the Pacha dancers hit the swings and the night was complete. People sang along to ‘Titanium’ and various other mega hits. And, all the time David beamed at us. What a pro.  What a night.  How lucky was I.



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