Some unusual sights


Another fashion ‘moment’ saw me up bright and early briskly walking towards High Street Kensington via the park on the most glorious day of Spring so far.

On Westbourne Grove I walked past a man in a telephone booth – gesticulating animatedly and shouting as he leant against the side. Five minutes later and I was heading through the gate to Kensington Gardens: It almost took my breath away.  The clearest blue sky with a soft haze settling in the distance, the trees heavily laden with young green blooms, and the air – pure and fresh with a hint of May.

People strolled or bounced past.  Various pooches ran about – one jumping up to catch the birds instead of the ball that had been thrown for him.  I walked across the grass towards the Palace.  Looking down at my feet I noticed freshly cut grass clinging to my sneakers along with the dew.

Exuberance was everywhere and I took my pace down to a stroll savouring every moment.

As I leant on the railings facing the palace a park keeper approached.  “What are those beautiful purple flowers – the ones that look like Bluebells only bigger?” I asked, pointing to them.  “I’m not sure.. Lovely aren’t they?  Next year we want them right up to the trees here – it’s nice to have a bit more colour.  There’s a great machine that cuts the turf just enough to allow the funnel behind to drop in a bulb, then closes the turf back over the top.  We’ll get hold of one of those to do the job”.

We discussed the beautiful day further.  “Is that a South African accent?” he asked me.  “No, Irish” I replied. “My colleague, Mark, asked me about Ireland a couple of weeks ago and what part he should visit there.  I told him it was pretty and that Cork and Kerry were very nice.  He came in the next day and said ‘Mate, I booked it!  He’s just back today and loved it!  You never know if someone’s going to like the same place you did…”

“Kate and Wills back yet?” I asked. He leaned closer and said conspiratorially “Yeah, yeah they’re back. I shouldn’t really tell you but you know they’re about if ……”

I felt the warmth of the sun on my back, the promise and hope that this time of year brings and set off again with a spring in my step.


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