A love thing

P1020524 “I liked the way we all hugged at the opening ceremony” I said to Belinda, one of the founders of Healing Ibiza (www.healingibiza.com), “In fact I think it was my favourite part; I’ve always loved a good hug!!”

She smiled and explained that a few years ago at the beginning of the festival they’d started it off by laughing.  “I bet that was great!’ I said.

“Yes, it really got things going, it was so lovely to hear everyone sounding happy!”

The two day festival was coming to a close. I was looking forward to winding down and thinking back on all I’d experienced, from a Japanese Singing Ring treatment to a workshop entitled ‘The way you breathe the way you live’, to some scrumptious eats and a foot massage at a place deep in the countryside of Ibiza that lends itself to healing and relaxation.

I lay down on a softly cushioned hammaca as I spotted Steve walking past.  “I’m sorry” I said sheepishly.

“Where were you this morning?!” he asked – referring to his workshop on ‘The 9 keys to raising your vibration’ which I had missed.

“I heard it was very very good, but I just, well basically I was…”

“Too tired?” he offered.  “Hey, that’s fine – I’ll do another one in London soon, you can come to that.”

I’d already told him the day before over a super juice if I vibrated on any higher a frequency I’d be off the charts.

A Swiss/Swedish couple, joined me with their three month old baby.  They told me about various treatments they’d undertaken recently in Europe including water therapy in Ibiza. Inevitably the chat lead to mindfulness as it often does these days.  “You must look up this amazing course in Ireland – it’s Lomi Lomi massage training with aspects of meditation. It’s run by this incredibly brilliant Hawaiian lady called Jody.  We’re going in June.”

“Wow, that is one well-travelled baby!” I exclaimed.

Johannes strolled over.  We’d met at the ‘Love and Money’ talk the day before. A forthright German gentleman, he was happy to give an opinion when I asked him what he’d thought of it.  “Well, love and money comes and goes, I’m looking for something more permanent.  I’m looking to be surprised – to learn something I don’t know already.”

I closed my eyes, soaking up the remaining heat of the days’ sun, and thought about what that could be. P1020494 Postscript: Grateful thanks to the organisers, and founders Toby, Belinda and Cheryl for making it all happen.


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