Getting my shorts on

Unknown‘Home’ again for the fifth time to Club Med in Portugal (

I woke early – 8am – for holiday time.  But, that’s what happens here.  The energy surges when you realise there’s much to be accomplished from pilates and golf to the spa and the Crazy Signs.

Ah yes, the Crazy Signs.  It’s been a year and a half since I last partook. I wondered how I’d feel about them now.  Would the sound of the theme tune ‘Madison’ get me going again, even though I consider myself somewhat more sedate these days?  I’d have to wait and see.  For now though, aqua gym provided a spectacle in the sunshine with the music steadily getting louder.

It could only be a matter of moments before the Chef de Village appeared.

I wandered into lunch.  There he was, resplendent in vibrant green Bermuda shorts with a brilliant white shirt and an equally sharp looking team of G.O.s around him. I recognised him from a holiday at Club Med, Beldi in 2006. Greying hair now with an even deeper tan, he looked reassuringly in control of the situation.

A snooze and beach session later, I showered and got ready for the evening.

It was hard not to be gripped by the post-dinner show – Indiana Jones – especially since I knew the Crazy Signs followed and I was curious to know how I’d react.

Post Indiana finding the Ark of the Convenant, the nightclub beckoned. “Have you got the ‘new’ Michael Jackson?” I asked the DJ.  “Sorry, non, but I’ll get it for you – come on Monday evening and I’ll have it” he replied.

I held tight and waited for the familiar music to start. The Responsable Animation took the stage as a different tune came on.  I lined up anyway – but hey, I was out of the loop!  I went with my instincts and followed the lead.  It was all new!  Things had changed since I last crazy signed.

The third song came on – another one I thought I didn’t know – but wait a second maybe I did… “Avancez! Avancez!” David commanded from the stage.  “It’s easy, it’s easy!” or did he say, “It’s cheesy, it’s cheesy?”  Either way we went for it.  “Step to the right, step to the left, take it back one time. Right leg! Left leg! Jump!”

Turned out, it was just as much fun as it has always been.


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