New kid in town

P1020693T and I approached the venue.  The music was thumping and I wondered if we were in the wrong place.  The pictures of this beach club looked so nice – so sexy; lots of people lounging casually by the pool drinking buckets of champagne with the sun shining down upon them.

If Pinky was there he would have said ‘What fresh hell is this?’ as we walked in and tried to make our way through a seething mass of semi naked bodies. Never mind, we’re adventurous types and with one Caipiroska down we started to move to the music.

P1020700Kengo ‘the bastard’ as he’s fondly known, hopped on the decks and suddenly everyone woke up.

I looked at a tall sultry looking figure standing beside him. He seemed like the new boy, suited and booted, a little shy and slightly ill at ease – Domenico’s been around for a few months now, but I’d yet to witness him in the flesh as it were.

Miguel arrived.  “Ocean Beach, Ibiza, it’s great to be here, the feeling is nice, the feeling is nice.”  He walked up to a man tattooed from head to toe with a large beer in one hand, and pulled the free hand over to his crotch: “Hey! Security! Security!” he shouted in protest.

P1020714He turned to another group: “You from Birmingham? Lovely place.  Before my porn career, I used to run a brothel there, I think maybe your mother worked for me.  No, sorry, sorry, it was your grandmother!”

The dancing started.  Archerio, a Dad for just 11 days now took to the floor with Kengo San as the new boy looked on.  “There’s just something about him..” I said to T.

Miguel officially introduced Domenico.  He somersaulted out to join them and then breakdanced in the most graceful manner I’d ever seen. Tall and lean with an incongruous sort of Made in Chelsea look, his body seemed to be made of rubber.

AAqlbGDbWXn-pphrg0P4IpKU6eBMeiw86rkKFfznGhwAfter the performance I asked Archerio where they’d met him.  “At a dance off” he replied. “We were so impressed we asked him to join us. He’s only 19! He does this amazing thing with his legs where he makes them a dead weight and then just spins around.”

I turned to Domenico.  “So, is this your day job now?”  “Well, I’m in a band as well; we don’t have a name yet, but we will – look out for me.”

We will Domenico, we will – and we like how you fit.


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