The Lemon Drop express

Unlike rain, Lemon Drops have the very opposite effect of dampening one’s spirits.  In fact they’re positively conducive to finding almost anything funny. For example, like propelling a person in five inch wedges up a staircase to a stage, attempting victory in a game identifying the film that the music playing belongs to – at the speed of light.

“It’s a great combination” Luke said at breakfast the next day.  “A couple of Lemon Drops and some improv games” (at you know where:

I couldn’t believe the hilarity of the penultimate jeu.  Four members of the audience were selected to sing into a microphone while the song they were supposed to croon along to blasted out of the speakers.

A clever trick, it resulted in a playback 20 minutes later of all four participants’ efforts with the entire theatre listening. I laughed so much that my stomach hurt.

In the final game, the theatre was split into two sides with the team to build the highest tower of all its member’s shoes the winners.  In a Benny Hill type moment footwear was removed in fast forward time.  A gentleman bravely stood on top of Team 1’s pile with a pair of sparkly ballet pumps on his head.

Suddenly it all came back to me: The camaraderie and inclusiveness of Club Med.  I had new ‘friends’ and I felt like I belonged.  It’s those magic ingredients that make it one of the most successful all inclusive holidays ever.

By the time we got to the ‘Nite’ the Responsable Animation took my hand, pointed in the direction of the limbo pole in the middle of the dancefloor and asked me if I’d be his partner in crime.  “Mais non!” I exclaimed. “But, please could we have some crazy signs instead?”

No sooner said than done.  The music started and the dancefloor crowded with the energy of a night that had come together in a quintessential Club Med way. Michael the DJ played Michael again and several other great tunes with a sensibility that belied his youthful years.

At lunch the next day a woman next to me said  “Ah, vous dancez hier soir beaucoup!” – or words to that effect.  Later on, a Belgian gentleman asked me what activities I did when I was here.  “A bit of Ping Pong” I replied.“ “..and you dance” he said.  “You saw me too?!” I exclaimed. “Yes, two nights ago.”

What can I say: When in Rome.


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