Atzaro, you know how to do it

P1030308‘Twas between shows at the Atzaro Fashion Festival 10th Anniversary and I was taking a quick pit stop at Nick’s bar.  Well, not ‘Nick’s bar’ exactly, but he’d promised me a Caipiroska earlier in the evening and having worked as a bartender for four years here, I figured he knew his stuff.

P1030342We started to talk sayings.  “If a frog had a glass ass he would break it every time he jumped” Nick said.  “That was one my grandfather used to tell me.” I thought about it for a second as I looked at him mixing my drink. “That looks like a strong one, Nick, I’m not sure it’s going to make it easy for me to have this conversation with you.” “Don’t worry you’ll be fine, dude – I got you.”

He did indeed, and I made my way back into fashion land revived.  P1030315The music got louder.  Time to get a place down by the ‘runway’….but what was this?  I spotted a ubiquitous hat and had to investigate further.  “Excuse me – but is that a Pharrell hat?” I asked.  “Um, that’s the wrong thing to say – he’ll tell you he had it first” the gentleman’s lady friend said. “Exactly, I wore this hat in the ’80’s – it’s a Vivienne Westwood.”  “Wow – now that’s significant Vintage” I said, snapping a shot.

A drone whirred above me and I headed to the action as fast as my wooden clogs would take me. P1030240With shows from Podenco, World Family, Kurru Kurru and Felt by Natalie to name but a few, this was one Ibizan event that stimulated the fashion palate and created desire afresh for some of the delectable creations on show.

From sunset to dusk to a full golden spotlight on it’s glorious ‘runway’ Atzaro met the challenge head on over two evenings and produced one after the other sight for sore eyes. P1030338The audience was just as colourful as the collections and I got chatting to another couple:  Francisco de Barcelona and Maria informed me they’d been together for ’10 years’ but that they weren’t ‘jealous’.  I was still trying to work it out when he called after me “I need your telephone number!  When I go to Dublin then I’ll give you a call!” P1030261Past the ethereal Podenco dogs and sundry other interesting sights and I was finally back in the quiet of the restaurant at this classy hotel. “How’s it going, Nick?” I asked.  “Busy. Busy” he said.  “Tell me about it” I said, “But, as the saying goes ‘Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration'”.P1030294 Thanks to Rachel and the Atzaro team for a splendid time. Soundtrack tune ; ) :


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