P1030375I bought a pen.  In fact, I bought two – one for me and one for Hjordis, the lady I was about to meet. It turns out the Bic multicoloured pen of the 70’s has made a comeback in Ibiza and I could hardly contain my excitement on spotting one with Apple green, purple, turquoise and pink ink.

The newsagent in Vara de Rey has to be my favourite in the whole world.  I turned in off the leafy Paseo, past the local guide books, newspaper stands, maps and various other paraphernalia.  I spied the monthly women’s magazines; only in Spain do you find the best ever freebie gifts included with a copy of ‘Vogue’ or ‘Glamour’.

Switching my focus to the main event – a new notebook – I asked where they were. “Abajo, al final” the lady at the cash desk said pointing to the farthest corner of the store.

Fluorescent lime green, orange, cobalt blue soft covers, square ruled and just the right size, I claimed my booty and paid up.

The Blue Cactus offices were calm and quiet. Hjordis and I greeted each other and headed down to the square again.

Coffee was relaxed.

“Before I forget, let me give you a copy of the Sunday Times Style magazine.” I said, procuring a rather dog-eared one from my bag.

“There’s been a great response to the interview they did with me on my new guide book” she said. “A couple wrote to me from the UK saying they wanted to return to the island for the first time in 30 years after reading it. But, I didn’t want to come across as ‘I know everything about Ibiza’, you know? I wanted it to be from the heart.”  “Well, you don’t need to worry about that” I said.

I asked her how the book was doing.  “Really well, I think they have it in that newsagents – at the entrance” she said, pointing to my previous date. She told me she’d done all the illustrations and that working on it over the winter had been a labour of love.

“I’ll go and get one after this” I said.  “No.  Why don’t you come to the car with me – I’ll give you a copy and sign it – that’s a much nicer way to do it.”

Modesty is an underrated human quality; how refreshing to meet a genuinely talented lady who has it in spades.

P1030008For a copy of My Ibiza & Formentera 2014-15, buy it on the island, or contact hjordis@myibiza-guide.com


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