Looming lovely

2014-07-28 12.29.01“Ooooooh!’ I exclaimed as I checked out Gabriel’s wrist.  “I’ve got one of those – Jacob made it for me.” He looked down at his arm festooned at least half way by ten loom band bracelets – the latest craze which yours truly is on top of.

“In fact” I went on, “He just ordered 1,000 of the bands from Amazon.” “That’s nothing” said Gabe, “We’ve got 2,000 at home. Would you like me to make you one?” “I’d love that!” I replied.  “Could I have a ring though?” “Oh, not sure how to make a ring yet, S” his Mum interjected.  “We’ll have to ‘YouTube’ that one.”

“Just a bracelet would be great please” I said.  “But wouldn’t you like a necklace?  You don’t have one of those – you’re not wearing any.” Gabe offered.  “That may take some time, Gabe, and I’m only here for the day. A bracelet would be lovely please!” “What style would you like?  You can choose between ‘fishtail’ and ‘chain’ – the ‘chain’ is the easiest one.  “Definitely a ‘fishtail’ I said, noticing the very flamboyant neon green and black one he was sporting.

Green summer countryside whizzed past. “How many bracelets does Jacob have?” Gabe asked.  “I don’t know, I’ll text his Mum now and we’ll find out.”

Our six year old back seat passenger continued to give us a run-down on all things loom band related and by the time we got to his house I was totally au fait.

“Mum, let’s make a new style” he said once we’d reached the kitchen table. “Okay, I’m just going to show S how to make one and then we’ll look it up on the ‘net.”

I started ‘looming’ and got the hang of it, finding it 100% absorbing.

The dulcet American tones of Tracey on YouTube interrupted my thoughts:  ‘Okay everyone today we’re going to learn how to make a Starburst bracelet!’  “Hmmm, this looks a bit more complicated, Gabe” I said. We started attaching the bands to the loom as his Mum stopped and started the video.

My phone buzzed.  “Ah, a text from Jacob’s Mum.”  Gabe put down the tools:  “What does it say?”  I read it out to him: ‘He says too many to count!  Recently bought 10k bands on Amazon.  I’m currently wearing a day glo orange and purple ring : ) x’

We looked at each other in silence.  “C’mon” said his Mum, “We’re going out now for a walk.”2014-07-28 15.41.33


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