Everything happens for a reason

2014-08-11 13.49.04

“Come and sit with us if you like?  We’re leaving in a minute” a tall blonde cheerful-looking girl said to me.

I picked up my sandwich and coffee and looked at their table: Round, in a corner and surrounded by windows with a view.  “Sure, why not” I replied, and made my way over.

Noticing the three full cups of hot drinks next to mine I was intrigued to know the story here.  Were they out-of-towners?  Or, perhaps selling something…

The only male amongst us started a conversation about tea:  “You have to have skimmed milk with it – otherwise you don’t get the full taste” he said.

“Ugh!” said the second girl, “That’s gross – no way!  You have to have proper milk.”

“Yes, I agree” said the blonde girl – it needs to be full fat.”

“Hmmmm, I think that’s a bridge too far” I interrupted.

“What would you have it be?” asked the other girl.

“Semi-skimmed of course.” I replied.

My curiosity got the better of me: “Are you all friends?” I asked.

“Um,no.  We’re promoting something” said the second girl.

“Ah” I responded.

They filled me in, brought out a leaflet and fished for pens for me to sign on the dotted line.

What happened next was something else. From bags to satchel three Bic ‘four colour’ pens made an appearance.

“I don’t believe it!!” I cried as I searched for my miniature one.

We all laughed.  Suddenly the conversation became real. We introduced ourselves: Like dog owners we now had a common bond – albeit a pen. Or, like the key point in a movie scene – something that defines that particular part in the film and moves the story along.

“I got mine in Ibiza – in my favourite newsagents’” I said.

“Oh, I know the one – is it in The Town?” Ben asked.

“I got mine in Rymans on Baker Street!” Sadie said flicking her blonde hair back.

“Me too!’ said Amani.

“I can’t believe they have them there – especially with the turquoise and pink colours!” I exclaimed.

“We have to take a picture I said.”  “Everybody – let’s write our names on this paper and hold the pens over it!  Oh but I’m finding it hard to take” I said, fiddling with the phone.

“Here, let me do it” said Ben.  “I’m a photographer.”

“Really?!” I said as my eyes sparked.  “I write a blog”

“Well then, I think it’s lucky we ran into each other” said Ben.


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