Life is better on bike

P1050024 I know these guys – they’re always on time.  Rushing up to our apppointed meeting at the entrance to Camping Escana five minutes early – there he was just waiting. “Hola” I called out excitedly.

A tall dark and it must be said, fairly handsome gentleman nodded and proceeded to turn around and unlock the van.  I reached his side.  He leant down and we kiss kissed. “Ah, two cheeks like in Spain!” he grinned as we introduced ourselves.

The van doors opened wide to reveal two white steed-like bikes, each with the packaging still on. “They’re brand new” Eric said looking back over his shoulder as he jumped in to grab one for me.  “We get them straight from industry.”
“Ah – you mean from the manufacturers?” I enquired.
“Yes, exactly – from Orbea.” He lifted the nearest one down, removed the blue wrapping and we stood back to admire her.

She was a beauty.  Such an appropriate colour, sturdy, a comfortable looking seat, lights and a basket – a basket!  The likes of which took me back to childhood days in Ireland cycling from one farm to another – tennis racket balanced over the top, a sweater and some tennis balls inside. But I’d never seen one before with netting over the top to protect everything from falling out.

Eric talked me through the gears: This one is for the front, this is for the back.  You do this, like this for harder, then you click this one to make it easier.” It was all very fancy and difficult to comprehend after a very late landing in Ibiza the previous night followed by a few glasses of Juve y Camps. We discussed logistics, contracts and I enquired after the boss – Danny.  “Ah, you have seen Danny before?” Eric said.
“Of course!” I said.  “Us fellow bikers…” I asked if I could run and fetch my ID. Eric looked at his watch.  “Yes, but drive the bike – five seconds!”

She rode beautifully.  Within moments I was back to see one of Kandani’s finest complete the paperwork.
“Okay, so now you have everything” he said tearing off my receipt. “You must come and visit our new shop; You know we have the new E bikes now too – you can go further.”

I said I’d have to drop in.  He smiled and turning to leave, handed over the bicycle lock to me. “Oh no, I don’t need that gracias Eric, I managed to get my own through Ryanair security, I’m sticking with it!” I added with a smile.


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