Blessings to be counted, one, two, three

P1070161You know you’ve got a good New Year’s Eve on your hands when you sweep through two sets of grand curtains to be met by a kilt wearing Scot brandishing a saxophone. I say sweep, because that’s all you can do in a Tiffany-style charity find of a designer LBD, accompanied by one of your most favourite people in the world (Blessings to be counted, one).

‘Rach, I don’t think I’ll wear that Alberta Ferretti tonight, I’ve had two more mince pies and several large peaks of Toblerone. I’m just going to go for the trusty lurex’ whooped my text to her one hour earlier. ‘Just wear what you feel comfortable in’ came her consistently gentle, but firm advice.

Two minutes to leaving for The Vault @ Putney Pies I checked the result of my final decision in the mirror. ‘It is New Year’s Eve after all’ I texted.  ‘I feel lucky to be alive and vibrant’ (Blessings to be counted, two).  ‘I’m seizing the moment cuz!’

A ‘hello’ to Matt, our host in SW15 was swiftly followed by his stellar bar manager David, and fellow Glaswegian, serving us up some champagne.  None of your glass three quarters full here: Generously filled to the brim it knocked any sophisticate notions on the head and tripled my enthusiasm for this – traditionally least favourite – night of the year.

We raised our glasses, chatting easily with David, relaxing into what felt like home.

Allegedly pies are the speciality here, but I beg to differ.  While I haven’t yet sampled one, I have experienced the owner’s exquisite taste in music and more to the point the sharing of it with those fortunate enough to be in his place at the right time. Tonight was no different. Classic soul tunes followed by chunky house made it hard to leave the dance floor.

I took a breather upstairs by the door, sheltered from any wintery draughts by the sumptuous rich green coloured curtains.

“These are beautiful, Matt” I said.  “Where did you get them?”

X years of innate generosity looked me in the eye.  “A costume designer at Pinewood; Amercian lady.  We sent pies to them every night over a couple of months when they were working late on a movie out there.  They all came over for a drink when they finished making the film.
‘What can I do for you Matt?’ she said to me, ‘Is there anything you need?’ ‘You can get me some curtains made for the *!#$ in’ door!!’ I said. And she did!”

P1070188We looked upwards.  Majestic brocade backed green velvet dropped from a rail high as a champagne-glass-full, a circular symbol of kindness: The ultimate blessing of love.

The Vault @ Putney Pies January line up:


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