A Hot Day For Cycling

P1070915I picked up my means of transport.  It was hot, a damned hot Ibiza day, but I was on a mission to discover all there was to discover on the Orbea Optima electric bicycle.

Oscar, at Kandani showed me its features one by one and handed me a helmet.  I asked him about the charging element. “I’m a bit worried, Oscar, what if I’m half way to Santa Inés and I run out of juice?”
He paused, midway through adjusting the seat, raised his head and looked at me incredulously: “Nobody empty the battery in one day. Nobody.”

Feeling chastised but comforted at the same time, I smiled, sat on the comfy padded seat and waved goodbye. “Are you sure I don’t need the off-road model?” I called out to him.
“No, this is enough for you. Make sure you start off on ‘Tour’ and then move up to Turbo as you go.  Don’t start on Turbo or you will take off very quickly and that could be dangerous!”

Heading towards San Carles I felt the joy of minimal peddling and maximum speed.  Despite the heat, the teeniest breeze generated by the motion felt cool on my face.  I smiled from sheer joy.  Past heat-baked fields of ripening tomatoes, sprinklers freshened them and me as I motored by. Further on the scent of pines cut through dusty air, and the faint aroma of fig as I passed a tree laden with this sumptuous fruit waiting for its moment to drop.

How far would I go?  How far did I want to go? Would I climb the Sierra De La Malacosta or would I simply go to the beach?

By 10.30am I’d breakfasted and called into the vintage shop in this quaint village:  “Why don’t you head to Cala Llenya?” Hannah, the proprietor told me, “It’s nice there.”

It sounded good. Down and up winding roads I went, hotter now, the water calling.  Midway on a hill I stopped. “Perdone Señor, Cala Llenya – es todo directo?”
He put down the wheelbarrow and replied: “Em, no – you need to go back up to the garage at the top and take a left, or, you could just carry the bike over the rocks down here – it’s a short cut”
I laughed: “Have you felt the weight of this?!” I asked holding it out to him.

He wandered over and raised the handlebars. “I see what you mean. How is it by the way?”
“Much improved since last year, it’s actually a dream to cycle, I’m averaging 25km an hour right now” He stood in the road looking after me curiously as I peddled upwards again with the slightest effort.

A swim at the sandy-bottomed beach followed and eventually it was time to hand it back.

“I fell in love with this bike” I told Dani, the boss at Kandani. “Really I’d like to keep it.” He smiled kindly at me: “Bueno!” he said, “Don’t worry, we are always here. Hasta la vista – muy rápido!”


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