The Things We Do For Love

IMG_3404The news had reported ridiculously long queues around each city venue of Kanye West’s global weekend only fashion pop-up on Friday. Around-the-block lines had already resulted in a sell out of his sand/gold colour T-shirts, sweatshirts and hats by Saturday morning in London.

At 5pm on Sunday, on a walk that took me past the vibrant graffiti punctuating the East End, the queue at Kachette on Old Street was somewhat diminished.  Nevertheless 15 minutes in and it was already trying my patience.

I chatted to the girls in front.  ‘I don’t really care what I get as long as I get something’ said one.

Moments after, I stepped past the security guard, into the hallowed space and made a left.  ‘It’s all unisex, doesn’t matter if you go right or left’ a tall blond grinning dude told me at the entrance. “LONDON” was writ large on the wall behind him and a steady flow of Kanye fans posed in front of it for the ‘Been there, got the T-shirt’ literally, pic.

‘Just get me anything’ pinged the message from my niece in Scotland.

I picked up a sweatshirt and a long sleeve T with ‘I love you like Kanye loves Kanye’ emblazoned in gold on the back  ‘Got these in a size L?’ I asked.
‘Think we’re sold out but I’ll check’ blond dude told me.
He returned and with a ‘sad’ emoji type face said: ’Only an XL in the long sleeve. We’ve got a size L in the sweatshirt though.’

We talked sell-out styles and prices:  £85 for the sweatshirt, £50 the short sleeved T.
‘Are you kidding me?!!’ I said.
His grin was wide. ‘No! We did £200K in this store on Friday alone; people don’t seem to care about the prices.’ He leant in a bit closer and whispered ‘He’s £50m in debt you know – he had to do this.’  We giggled.
‘And the words on the back?’ I asked.
‘Lyrics from the songs on his new album ‘The Life of Pablo’’.

The music pounded on.  ‘You could get her an XXL – some of the girls are belting those and wearing them out as dresses’ I was told.

Finally, a couple of photos later, I said my goodbyes.  ‘I mean I can’t believe my niece really – she’s an intelligent girl!’ I commented.
‘Ah well, we all make mistakes’ the blond one told me.  ‘Nah, but positive vibes – I’m sure she’s very clever really.’

At the cash desk I simultaneously checked it out on eBay. Sure enough, the fruits of Kanye’s global weekend fashion moment were already on there at double the price. Clever girl indeed.


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