Village of Beauty

img_8950“It’s gives you a break, that’s the most important thing” Kamila told me as she explained the Jean d’Estrées Vitamin C Facial.  “And, that’s what we’re about too, we like people to come here – men, women, couples, groups of friends, basically everyone can be together and get everything done.  We’re like a one stop shop for relaxation through treatments.”

I can testify that to be the truth, as I have now had various beauty treatments at this local emporium – one more delicious than the next – from mani/pedis to a massage to various other more intimate ones.  However, this, the facial, was what I really longed for.  Anything, but anything that can give me a break from daily hecticness more than floats my boat. Plus, if it’s good enough for A-Listers such as Luke Evans, then it’s good enough for me.

The familiar strains of Stevie could be heard as we discussed the options: ‘’till you come back to me, that’s where I wanna be’.

“We’re the only salon in West London that offers this particular treatment.” Kamila continued,  “Jean D’Estrées doesn’t sell his products online or on TV – he wants to keep it to the one-to-one experience and only available in salons. We relate to him because that’s what we value: The tradition of visiting the beautician often becomes very personal with people; they like a certain therapist who treats them, who they often tell the most intimate details of their life to.”

Indeed.  In an atmosphere of extreme calm it’s hard not to feel comfortable, become an open book in fact as one surrenders to the delights that such a welcoming, scented, soothing music-infused salon provides.  As I kicked off my shoes I explained to Kamila about the forthcoming red carpet event and my related concerns re all manner of things from nails to dress to accessories for said gauntlet.

Patiently she listened, offering gentle advice, smiling here and there to the point where I lay back on the cushily tufted bed and felt like everything was going to be just fine.

I’d decided to have the ‘custom made’ double mask facial.  Closing my eyes I relished the touch of gentle exfoliations, cool serums and soothing creams.

“Do you want to see the mask” I heard a voice murmur from afar.  I opened my eyes.  “You’ve been flat out for the last hour, totally asleep!” I was told.  I looked at the imprint of my face encased in white cosmetic ‘plaster’.  “What?  You’ve finished?!” I asked.
“Didn’t you feel me applying the creams with spatulas on your face?”
“No!” I exclaimed. “Spatulas?”

I rest my case.

Photograph of Luke Evans courtesy of Jean d’Estrées: Facials available at



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