Made in Chelsea

fullsizeoutput_2934No, not the TV show, but rather the Chelsea Flower Show gardens: They’re superlative this year – and made on the spot in the grounds of The Royal Hospital, Chelsea.

And, that’s not all there is to enjoy at this stalwart of an event: The comments to be heard wandering along a logically organised route are to be relished as one views flowers and creative displays.

IMG_1116I paused at the Morgan Stanley Garden. “It’s absolutely stunning” a behatted lady said to her companion and then turned to the man on the stand: “You were robbed.” Various other viewers murmured agreement; there was a head shake or two.  I wandered further along main avenue to see the culprit of all this dissent.

IMG_1124Past shuffling bag carrying visitors I went, pausing to look at other show gardens on the way. Finally on the corner tall blocks of stone rose to greet me, wild plants and weed type species burst up through the hard slabs. “Is it inspired by the Giant’s Causeway?” my brother asked.
“No, Malta – it’s got that desolate drought feeling about it.”

A lady behind me blew her nose: “It’s all about what grows up after…”  She trailed off.  Her friend continued: “It’s divided opinion a bit: Best in Show?!! It’s not my cup of tea.”

Through the pollen and Artisan gardens we trod. A cacophony of sneezing and coughing surrounded us. “Gaw, there’s something making my nose go” a gentleman remarked to his partner.
“It’s the same every year in this area, love, it’s the tree pollen.”

At the end of day, I returned to my favourite: The BBC Radio Two Zoe Ball Listening Garden. “There’s something especially comforting about this one.” I said to my brother as I placed my foot on the gravel to feel the sound vibrating as, reaching its lowest frequency, it simultaneously caused the water to ripple, bubble and then spurt in the long troughs nestling amongst the greenery.

“Mesmeric, isn’t it?” the lady helping out said. “They’re all supposed to be a comfort – these gardens reflecting the senses” she told me. “You were here earlier weren’t you?”
I replied that I was, and told her the name of my blog.  “Well, my name’s Mel, and I’ve just won best explainer of the day.” she told me.
“And well deserved too.”

I turned to my brother to suggest it was time to go. “Can you feel the sound?” an elderly lady beside me asked her husband.
“No, nothing.”
“Well, maybe your shoes are too thick.” she said turning to leave. “Let’s go and get an ice cream.”FullSizeRender 10

Thanks to RHS for a fantastic day.


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