I’ve started so I’ll finish

P1060850.jpg“I’ll totally understand if you want to bail” came the text from choir friend Kate.  “No” I wrote back, “I said I’ll come and I will – no matter about the three hours sleep, I’m up now!”

P1060863.jpgP1060864.jpgThe event for which I could not resist supporting my singing chum was the Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest at Wembley – apparently the world’s ‘biggest urban obstacle course race’.  Three wicking outfitted gals and me headed to a venue where if memory serves I last visited for a Madonna gig.

This was somewhat different. A biting wind greeted us as we left the station and tried to find the start line.  Pumping music led us to it.

P1060872.jpgKeith – a feisty sounding scotsman – yelled on the mike to a male participant: “WHAT WORD IS GOING TO GET YOU THROUGH THE DARK TIMES AHEAD TODAY MATE?  AND, TRUST ME THERE WILL BE LOTS OF THEM!!”
“WOMEN!” his interviewee yelled back with equal force.

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