Sublimely Silvestro


More designer brand than man.  More Dolce and Gabbana than a nation of Italians.  So physically fit looking, so handsome, so on brief I wondered if he was indeed the first humanoid robot.

He took me to one side peering over the top of thick black Mad Men style spectacle frames.  “You are a tailor you say” he said in conspiratorial fashion.

“Um, well yes, I am” I replied.  “But I’m pretty good at selling too.”  He smiled.  The smile of a man accustomed to ingratiating himself to foreign princes and celebrities.  It was a smile that said ‘I can give you this much, no more, no less. I’m going to spend minimum amount of time and physical energy to get what’s required from you’.

“We do need someone to do alterations” he said.

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