Singing, in the main

AllSing1511 (2)Every year at Maida Hill market around this time, the Mayor of Westminster comes down along with the local MP and a few other VIPs to switch on the Christmas tree lights. It’s a relatively new tradition that our community choir All Sing! is delighted to accompany with a few jolly carols – and anything else we’ve managed to learn during the term.

A merry buzz of anticipation grew amongst my fellow choral members as we gathered around the base of the tree.  Hats and gloves warded off the cold as J cranked up the keyboard and we got to grips with the carol sheets.

I glanced at it.  ‘Away in a Manger’ was first.  “Have you got a spare one of those” a bundled up gentleman asked me. I explained that we only had enough to go around the choir itself.  “Never mind” he said.  “It’s nice we’re going to hear some singing – festive and all that.”

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