A meeting of minds

IMG_1264I arrived five minutes early and asked the librarian where the writing group was meeting.  She pointed to a corner where two elderly people sat – one reading the newspaper, another with a large stack of books indicating fervent research. “It starts at six thirty – right – until eight?” I asked.
“Yes” she said.

Ten minutes passed. Not much was happening.  The same two people still sat at the table.  I asked again. “Oh, the group doesn’t usually turn up ‘til about seven” she told me.
I held her gaze, wondering why this information had been slow to materialise.  “Are they part of the group?” I asked pointing at the corner.
“No, they’re in the wrong place.  There should be a sign on that table to indicate that they have to move.”
“Oh, yes, I saw one, but it said something about a reading group.”
“That’s the wrong sign.  I’m just making one now” she replied. Continue reading “A meeting of minds”