The Imperial State Crown

Have you ever seen anything like it?  Almost 3,000 diamonds according to that most reliable of sources – the BBC.

I am cashing in on the opportunity that this week affords us, to view the Queen out and about amongst her people.

Today, at the opening of parliament, aside from not being able to take my eyes off the glittering crown, I was again bowled over by effortlessness and panache with which the Queen delivered her speech. The Duke of Edinburgh looked fairly nonplussed.  And, indeed, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone look quite so relaxed in a situation of such pomp and circumstance.  He was practically lounging back in the throne, and one almost expected him to lean over to the Queen as she was mid speech and say something like ‘did you remember to set the video to record before we left, Dear?’. 

Dave was looking suitably solemn and Nick, well, Nick looked positively suffused with delight and love.  Which he is.

The pearls too – gorgeous, I could almost feel the weight of that double strand.  Such sumptuousness.  If anyone deserves to wear those jewels – it is indeed our most noble Queen. 


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