A soft centre

I was reminded of Club Med last weekend as I stepped inside Aguas de Ibiza (www.aguasdeibiza.com) and was immediately offered a welcoming glass of cava and the friendliest reception I’d experienced in a while.

From outside, this hotel presents a tough exterior, physically all curved stone and large plate glass windows with an attitude that says: ‘Take me seriously – I offer five star service and a spa to die for.’

I wasn’t going to argue. My flight had been delayed and I was looking forward to some pampering.  But, reception weren’t going to let me go that easily.  Alison asked me how I was, and proceeded to give me a thorough introduction to an eco hotel with a heart. A smiling Vicente stood patiently waiting to take me to my room.

Upstairs, the curtains opened to reveal a view over the outside pool, the bluest Mediterranean sea and some very fancy switches on the wall.  Vicente took me through it.  “Don’t worry about closing the curtains, switching off the lights or the air-conditioning when you leave” he said, “That all happens automatically – it’s part of our eco system. We save a lot of energy in this hotel – even the water gets re-used!”

I was impressed. He’d barely been gone two minutes when I cocooned myself in the white fluffy bathrob and padded down to the spa. A Roman bath, various thermal pools including a jacuzzi, steam room, sauna and ice bath awaited to say nothing of the ‘rain‘ showers.  I helped myself to a Jasmine tea and got going.

At the end of the following day, I felt I’d availed of all the treats this hotel offered.  I was particularly taken by the fact that every time I paused for so much as a minute at reception, I was offered a glass of something sparkling and a friendly chat.

“We’ve got the first two starred Michelin chef in Ibiza – Sergi Arola – arriving in June to cook at our new restaurant ‘Vi Cool’ on the roof” Catalin told me. Vicente showed me exactly where, and I wondered if it could possibly get any better.

My final night had me eager to be up in time in the morning.  Should I set my alarm?  I referred to Aguas de Ibiza’s room ‘manual’. Apparently I could request they remotely open my curtains to wake me up with sunlight: Naturally. It made perfect sense.


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